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Believe It's Vegan

Believe It’s Vegan offers nutritious vegan meals prepared without GMOs, additives, preservatives, refined flours, sugars, dairy, eggs or animal by products. Our menu is made fresh daily with lots of love!

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Business Hours: Monday – Friday
Lunch Delivery – 11AM – 1PM
Mid-Day Lunch Delivery – 2PM – 4PM

Place your order online between 6AM – 1PM for local delivery to your home or workplace.
Deliveries are made on a first come first serve basis.
Local delivery is restricted to Wayne County and limited to 5 mile radius of Midtown Detroit.

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Note: First-time customers please call for a pick up time and location before placing an order online.

About Us

Believe It's Vegan

Believe It’s Vegan company was started by accident. One day, my daughter told me that she wanted to go vegan, and she suggested that I do the same. Initially, I was resistant to the idea, mostly because of ignorance and fear of the unknown. However, I eventually decided to go vegan myself, and it was one of the best decisions that I could have made for my health.

What I discovered is that going vegan means more than just a meatless diet, it’s a complete lifestyle change. Vegans are passionate about eating healthy food prepared without the harming of animals. Many also believe that certain foods have natural healing properties.

I started experimenting at home with new vegan recipes for my family, and they loved them! I found that vegan food not only tasted good, it also made me feel good. I had some dramatic improvements in my health, and became an evangelist for the vegan lifestyle. One of my biggest dilemmas as a born again vegan was finding local eating places that offered healthy food prepared with the same love as I did at home. I saw an opportunity to introduce my healthy home cooked vegan meals to the public, so I started Believe It’s Vegan.

Our mission is to provide great tasting food for health conscious people who want to experience the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy our food. Many carnivores are pleasantly surprised that vegan food can taste so delicious. They can’t believe it’s vegan!

Our menu is made fresh daily without GMO, additives, preservatives, refined flours, sugars, dairy, eggs or animal by products, and with lots of love! Although we are currently a home based business, our plan is to own a fleet of vegan food trucks in major cities across the country. Every food order we receive today gets us closer to our goal. We thank you in advance!


Kelly Harge

Kelly Harge Founder of Believe It’s Vegan

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What Others Are Saying About Us

I had the oyster mushrooms with the pepper sauce along with the collard and kale greens. They were delicious!  My mother ate the greens and oyster mushroom wrap with the pepper sauce and was very pleased. We look forward to trying the black bean burger and the watermelon and apple – ginger waters.

Tracey B.

The name says it ALL ! I eat fried unhealthy foods 6 days a week. Decided to step out my comfort zone & try some vegan food. TRULY AMAZING ! IT was DELICIOUS ! I had the Walnut Meat Wrap with some Oyster Mushrooms & a Berry Smoothie ; I will definitely be ordering again cause at some point in my life I need change my eating habits regularly. GR8 JOB to YALL !

Price G.

If you haven’t had any of their food yet you’re depriving yourself! The mushrooms almost made me fall off my chair…their are so good, the dipping sauce was to perfection! My greens were wonderful they weren’t overcook that all. The Walnut meat wrap was unbelievable I wouldn’t thought it would taste so delicious and filling…. with all this being said I truly enjoyed it! And not to mention they delivered it to me to top off all that goodness!… thanks

Jannah N.

The name truly speaks for itself. I had the pleasure of ordering lunch and the flavors, presentation and wonderful customer service will keep me coming back! You must try the collard and kale greens. You’ll be glad you treated yourself!

LaCesha C.


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